Real Madrid ភ្លាត់ស្នៀតចាញ់ភ្ញៀវ Celta Vigo ២-១ យប់មិញ​នៃពាន Copa Del Rey (Video Inside)

(ម៉ាឌ្រីដ)៖ មិននឹកស្មានក្រុមខ្លាំងស្តេចស Real Madrid បានបរាជ័យ ២-១ ក្នុងពហុកីឡដ្ឋាន Santiago Bernabeu របស់ខ្លួនយប់មិញនេះ ក្រោមថ្វីជើងរបស់ក្រុមភ្ញៀវ Celta Vigo សម្រាប់ជើងទី១ នៃពានរង្វាន់លំដាប់ទី២ អេស្ប៉ាញ Copa del Rey។

នេះជាការបរាជ័យលើកទី២ របស់ក្រុមជើងឯកពាន Champions League រដូវកាលមុន ក្រោមការដឹកនាំរបស់គ្រូបង្វឹក Zinedine Zidane ក្នុងចំណោមដឹកនាំលេង ៤២ប្រកួតនារដូវកាលថ្មីឆ្នាំ២០១៦-២០១៧ នេះ បន្ទាប់ពីទម្លាក់ក្រុម Sevilla ក្នុងវគ្គ១៦ក្រុមចុងក្រោយកាលពីសប្តាហ៍មុន ដើម្បីឡើងមកជួប Celta Vigo ក្នុងវគ្គ៨ក្រុមចុងក្រោយនេះ។

កីឡាករ Iago Aspas ជាអ្នកបំបែកពងមាន់ Keylor Navas នៅនាទីទី៦៤ មុនពេលដែលខ្សែការពារ Marcelo បានជួយឲ្យ Real Madrid តាមបានស្មើវិញនៅ ៥នាទីបន្ទាប់ ដែលត្រឹមតែ ១នាទីប៉ុណ្ណោះ មុនពេល Johny រកបានគ្រាប់ជ័យជំនះឲ្យ Celta Vigo ក្នុងនាទីទី៧០ មានទឹកមាត់លេបបន្តិច៕

Celta Vigo celebrate edging back in front just moments after Real pulled level as Jonny scored the decisive goal 

Celta stunned Zinedine Zidane's team as they struck straight after conceding and the Bernabeu fell silent 

There were riotous scenes with the away fans who celebrated a famous win for their club at the home of Real Madrid 

Aspas celebrates with both arms raised aloft as Cristiano Ronaldo waits impatiently to get the game back underway

Marcelo celebrated what he thought could prove to be a decisive goal but his side soon let in another

Iago Aspas collected the ball before firing above Kiko Casilla to give the visitors the lead and silence the stadium

Celta Vigo players celebrate their side's opener as they congregate around Aspas who broke the deadlock

Cristiano Ronaldo hurdles over Gustavo Cabral as the Real Madrid talisman shows his athletic prowess 

Lucas Vazquez fights off Celta Vigo's Roncaglia who holds onto the shirt of the Real Madrid attacker in a challenge 

Roncaglica and Vazquez go to ground as they collide in a battle for possession during the first half of action

Zinedine Zidane was aiming for his side to get back on track after suffering defeat in La Liga to Sevilla 

Somthing caught the eye of Cristiano Ronaldo as he peered up into the air and seemed distracted from the match 

Ronaldo became frustrated as the first half wore on with his side struggling to convert their chances in front of goal 

Danilo cowers as the ball lands beyond his head with Theo Bongonda prepares to bring it under his control 

Real started a strong line-up with the likes of Luka Modric given the nod in a game Los Blancos were taking seriously 

Ronaldo left the field visibly frustrated as he suffered an off night but credit must go to the tenacious visitors 

Real will have to pick themselves up and improve when they travel to face their opponents in the second leg 

Celta are now just 90 minutes away from the Copa del Rey semi finals but must get through the second leg unscathed

The Santiago Bernabeu was in full voice for the visit of Celta Vigo in the opening leg of the Copa Del Rey quarter finals

ផ្តល់សិទ្ធដោយ ៖ ខ្មែរថកឃីង 

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